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A Note from EL


  • The actual running of this game, like the content, is collaborative. Please, help make it better. It's a goshdarn wiki, afterall. ~EL


Contributing Mechanics

Rules Changes Round Up:

  1. An article stub can be "claimed" by signing it starting 1 round before the article is in play.
  2. The originator of a phantom entry can't write it.
  3. Unlimited references to existing (phantom or written) entries are allowed as long as you follow "Don't cite yourself".


Citation Clarifications


Editing Notes





New Discussions:


Holiday Issues with Timing:


  • I will not make the next deadline due to being occupied for the holidays in a house with no internet. Don't go too far ahead without me. ~DW
    • Duly noted. As long as we know you haven't up and died or anything. ~RS


  • Gentleman, since DW has kindly informed us as to his holiday absence and both EL and JG are nigh near two rounds behind for similar reasons, would it make sense to put the Lexicon on Hiatus for a few days while everyone does their holiday thing? ~RS
  • Let's make E due on Wednesday. From that point, the holidays are an excellent time for research. ~LX
  • Well, it's Wednesday. I think we should extend our due date for the E category until at least C if not D is completed. ~LX
  • I would be much appreciative if we could extend the due date as I've been MIA since the game began due to work and holiday delays. Speaking of which, shall I just join the E round, seeing as I've missed A-D? And I propose E be due by the end of the year. ~SF
    • Good Day, SF, and welcome to our little project. From the looks of it, we'll resume once we actually hear from our absent contributors. I would say take the time to write some late entries for A-C (We're still not all up to speed on D) so we're not lopsided. Just be sure to stick to the standard citation procedures (see our extensive conversation in the citation link above). Also be sure not to write any phantom entries for letters already covered, as we can't go back and write them. Aside from that, I'm fine with you playing catch up. Would probably wait to hear from the rest of us, just to be sure. Happy Hunting. ~RS
    • I also think you should take our hiatus to catch up, if you can. I for one don't have a problem with more contributions. ~LX
    • Since LX and I seem to be the only ones active at the moment (and you have both our blessings), go ahead and start writing and posting. No worries about claiming articles, no-one's going to try and jump in on catagories we've already written about. I'm interested to see what you find! ~RS


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