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Containment Orders

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The Containment Orders


Though hundreds of years had passed in relative peace, among the Makers tension began to develop. Once united in their cause, they began to factionalize, some content to be the instruments of the new age, others seeking more. It is unclear if what happened was a loss of control on the Makers part, or outright sabotage by rival factions. What is known is the calamity of the second Aernach (a joint venture of Makers and Wizards, see The Ouden Project). This galvanized the United Security Council in 1476 to pass the now infamous Containment Orders.


Petrified by the fear of what they now knew, the council instituted a totalitarian lockdown, incarcerating over 40% of the population, and the eradication of what had become central to the nation’s well-being caused the economy to grind to a halt. Though now, many, many years later, the nation has begun to recover, the iron grip of martial law has yet to relax. No-one knows if the use of the Banner-Kresslich engine will ever be allowed again. As to the Makers, who are already beginning to slip back into legend, it remains to be seen if there will be another Gordon Fromm in our future.


Citations: AernachThe Ouden ProjectUnited Security Council

Rahewin Smith


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