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Chapel, The

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Chapel, The


In the dark ages after the rise and fall of the Empire, and before the advent of the Banner-Kresslich Engine, the dwindling human population had banded together into a single, unifying world government to conserve and ration the few resources that Earth had left.  This unitary government drew many of its originating principles from spiritual and religious contexts to provide a more holistic society.  This government was officially titled "The Chapel of the Preservation of Humanity", but has always been commonly referred to as The Chapel.  The Chapel served as both a singular government for the entire planet as well as the foundation for modern religion as it is known today.  The Chapel was a bicameral institution, with one house (The Chapel) controlling the governmental and civic affairs, and the second house (The Patriarchiat) serving as a global church.  After the implementation of the Banner-Kresslich engine, however, humanity's renaissance saw little need for the world government, and the balance of power shifted between the two houses.  The Chapel continued to serve as a unifying government, although mostly in name only, while the Patriarchiat kept the global church alive and possessed a far greater sphere of influence.


The schism between the two houses occurred in the early 600's, when The Chapel attempted to take the gospel of the Patriarchiat into a new direction.  The split was a bloodless revolution, but the plan of action backfired for the Chapel.  The ever-increasing popularity of the Patriarchiat gave them the ability to seize control of the remaining four BK Power Plants, and in turn remain in control of Terra's supply of resources.  The Chapel, overwhelmed with trying to present a new face of the religion while maintaining a large-scale government, quickly became factionalized, most notably creating an opposition group in the Citizen's Labor Collective. After the downfall of the Chapel, it continued to exist as a quasi-religious organization, although its primary purpose was to maintain and support global trade, economics, and currency.  The House Meroe assumed leadership of The Chapel, continuing to dominate the global economy. 


While there was no love lost between The Chapel and the Patriarchiat, there were no open conflicts until the mid-900's, when Levander Meroe began a campaign of cloak-and-dagger tactics to return his house to power.  Relations between House Meroe and the Wizards have never been fully proven.


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~ Donovan Wolfe


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