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Brahmin, The


During its nearly 900 year hold on the economic and political power on the continent, The Chapel gave rise to a caste of aristocrats, mystics and power brokers -- the Brahmin. Family patriarchs with the appropriate money and connections could buy legitimacy from the clergy over several decades of exhorbinant tithing. After an appopriate interval, a son would be accepted into the priesthood, or a "miracle" would be duly certified by a Chaplain. The prestige of either event, and the virtual immunity from prosecution that sainthood brought, allowed these families to pursue a variety of undertakings. Notably, the Meroe and Akkadi families both created potent private armies, which they grew further wealthy loaning to the highest bidder during the border skimishes. Various other houses engaged in more subtle pursuits, with interests in global trade, politics, and smuggling. After the fall of the Chapel, these "blessed" houses quitely filled much of the power vacuum and, in many ways, wielded as much influence and more under the Patriarchiat as they did under the the Chapel.



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