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Battle of the Carpathian Pass

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Battle of the Carpathian Pass


The Battle of the Carpathian Pass in the year 986 represented a shift of power from The Chapel to the Patriarchiat facilitated by civil unrest. In a time when the Makers had drifted into legend, populists discovered that an ancient order of wizards, abusers of absitolide, had infiltrated the Chapel and quietly manipulated the Patriarchiat and the kingships. Following the Carpathian Incident of 985, some populists suspected that the wizards had laced the water supply of Arpecht with Absitolide giving rise to a range of maladies. Whether the effects experienced in Arpecht were in fact Absitolide or rather, as later discoveries hinted, a contagion loosed from a nearby prison, is moot. Incensed protestors led by a cavalier, Keilhaard, marched on a Chapel hidden in the Carpathian mountains with intent to find and accost the Wizard responsible. A single Wizard and Maker was in fact present at the Chapel, and revealing the existence of his order after generations of shadowed operation, laid waste to the Arpechtian cavalry by summoning the long-prepared clockwork dragon, Nelsiphore.


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Lord Xoth


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