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Arpecht Contagion

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Arpecht Contagion


In the aftermath of the Carpathian Incident, the Founders Council of Arpecht instituted de facto martial law as armed troopers examined the city's thousand wells and springs. While no traces of Absitolide itself were found in any source feeding the Northern Aqueduct, the meticulous sampling and subsequent testing eventually isolated the bacteria that would come to be known as the "Arpecht Contagion", or simply "the bug". When the samples sent to the Kourna interrogation facility were matched to the previously unknown strain in the detainees, it provided one of the first solid clues to their origins. After two interrogators showed signs of infection despite only routine contact with the prisoners, Director Halsem ordered the first of a series of increasingly draconian measures to combat the contagion; the interrogators were quarantined in isolation chambers and all 7 prisoners were immediately executed in their cells. The bodies of the prisoners, and eventually the interrogators, were incinerated in place.




Citations: Carpathian Incident, Kourna, Director Halsem

Jonas Grien, Sr.


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