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Alarmists, The

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The Alarmists


The Alarmists are a group of individuals banded together by a strong, radical political stance against the Chapel.  Founded out of the more active members of the Citizen's Labor Collective in 1190, the group, led by the former CLC chairman Kendrick Van Kint, provided a mouthpiece for those still dissatisfied with the Chapel and its regulations on trade and its unilateral control over economic sanctions.  At the height of the tensions between the CLC and the Chapel, The Alarmists were known for an extensive propaganda campaign, intended to "rouse the populace to fight the crimes committed right under their noses".  While the group portrayed itself as a champion of the common person, the group also gained an infamous reputation, as it was commonly linked to several bombings against Chapel buildings.  However, The Alarmists have never formally declared responsibility for any of the incidents.  The Alarmists grew into a sizeable political arm of the CLC until the infamous 'Eleven Day War' in 1193 saw the entirety of the CLC, including The Alarmists, dismantled.  While many members were executed on charges of treason, Van Kint and many of the high ranking officials were never seized and are assumed to have either gone into hiding or to be dead.  The Alarmists, while formally disbanded, still retain a small following of impassioned individuals, although the organization is considered a fringe group and is generally considered irrelevant in the modern political theatre.



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~ Donovan Wolfe

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