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This chemical gave rise to the Makers, whose harnessing of its raw power brought the nation into a new age. It was discovered by Gordon Fromm during his period of rampant experimentation. In its most basic form, Absitolide can be used as a potent alternative to fuel, as concentrated nourishment, or what can only be described as “The building blocks of the Gods.” The effects of Absitolide use as a drug have been wide and varied, with no cases ever being the same. What can be said is that long term use, whether as a drug or simply exposure to the substance, leads to people becoming Makers. While not especially volatile, there have been scattered reports of it acting in strange ways (see The Carpathian Incident). Though its name is now only whispered among the populace, Absitolide was once on the tongues of every powerful figure in the world, often literally as well as figuratively.


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Rahewin Smith


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